mobile application development companiesSoftware product vendors can use e-Zest’s offshore maintenance services to continue to maintain their current products while using their resources in building newer versions of their products. They can manage the ramp-up and scale-down of efforts that are required for peaks and troughs that are typical of a product over its maintenance cycle.

Under-mentioned are the services that form an essential element of our software development offerings:

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is any maintenance performed to return equipment to proper working order. Depending on the context of its use it may refer to maintenance due to a breakdown, or maintenance identified through a condition monitoring program.

Adaptive Maintenance

In times of peace, corrective maintenance should be enough to keep your company profitable. In times of war, however, adaptive maintenance is necessary to insure your company's survival.

Perfective Maintenance

These apps load on the browsers like Chrome or Safari just as regular websites. If you aspire to make your web app be bookmarked by a bulky user base, employ the experts from F2F Solutions.

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