SMS- Service Management Software

– A Complete Service Management Software in a Single node.

– Suitable for Multiple Branch Operations

The use of SMS technology to fundamentally improve performance or business. It is mostly associated with the business world where organizations are striving to keep up with changing business environments brought about by customer demand and technology.

The Scope of the project is to track all the service status from the Service Request Entry to Process End with sophisticated monitoring services , by providing admin controls in establishing the service Operations instantly with maintaining the Process flow on requests and response.

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Why SMS?

It is important to have strong leadership to drive change and a clear vision for what parts of the company you want to transform.

Service Management

Make sure your service management is right-sized for the organization.


Organizational change is critical. Service management is the glue, or the connective tissue of the organization.


Proactive Service Management is essential.

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Features of SMS

  • Service Management
  • Quick Bill Management.
  • Spare transfer Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Admin controls the Overall Operations.
  • Multiple Branch Operations also available.
  • Report Maintenance.
  • Bar Code Implementation.
  • GST is Implemented. Feasible for Auditing Purpose.
  • This project is responsive in all devices, PC, Mobiles.

Customer Management

The CRM approach is applied by providing businesses with numerous strategic advantages of Improved responsiveness and understanding among the business employees results in better customer service. This decreases customer agitation and builds on their loyalty to the business

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Service Management - Actual Flow

The Service Desk is basically responsible for the Acceptance, Classification and also handling of Service request. The purpose of Service Request Management is to accept and register Service Requests and directly handling them according to the urgency.

It enables the service request to be registered and processed based on the Operations Optimization under new, registered, service selected, Classified, assigned, RFC Initialized, aborted, request fulfilled, Closed/Ended.

The Service Request Management Process is triggered. The record is created and is given a unique identifier.

The information of the SR are entered into the record. Every mandatory field was completed. Both the customer and the user were recorded to the SR.

The Affected service was selected.

The request was classified. Every control factor was defined. Classification of the SR is to

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Handle with highest priority and need to be review and adjusted if any record entry changes.
  • The SR was forwarded to another member of the SRM team. The reason for forwarding the SR is recorded.
  • The SF was aborted.
  • The Service Request was fulfilled from SRM team’s point of view.
  • The SR was successfully fulfilled from user’s point of view.
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Benefits of SMS

  • Repeatable and scalable best-practice-based processes.
  • Better support for regulatory and compliance challenges and increased control.
  • The ability to measure and improve operational performance.

Advantages of SMS

  • The major advantage is Request fulfillment consistently.
  • The Change Management is efficient at each service request with service transfer.
  • Increased Control & Monitoring.
  • Better Service Delivery and Customer Experience.
  • Effective Communication & Increased Accountability.
  • Integration Capability.
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